How To Improve Your Real Estate Marketing Results

How can you improve your real estate marketing results with one ‘easy’ solution?

Getting more out of your real estate marketing is critical. Truth be told, however, few are actually maximizing the results of their real estate marketing campaigns. So how can independent real estate pros and companies get more of what they want by tweaking their existing marketing strategy?

The Importance of Real Estate Marketing Optimization

There is marketing, and then there is highly effective optimized real estate marketing. In all honesty, just about any marketing idea can produce some result if enough money is put into it. There are a dozen or so real estate marketing methods that can pay for themselves. Yet, just getting some results should never be enough.

For starters, just okay, means that there is a lot of risk. If a month’s budget is plowed into a mediocre campaign and it flops, what do you do then? If you don’t have a backup, no deals will find their way to your portfolio. That means no income for the next month or two. This has killed numerous real estate careers and businesses – even multi-million dollar ones.

Every campaign counts, as do the results and ROI they produce. What the vast majority of real estate agents, investors, and business owners underestimate, however, is the importance of maintaining a higher ROI than the competition. The better the marketing ROI, the bigger the profits. This is often what separates the success stories from the failures. Despite the trendiness of ‘failure’ lately, no one really wants that.

Maximizing marketing ROI is much like everything else in the process of real estate sales and investing, or running a business. There are some big decisions you make that put you in the right zone. Then there is constant adding, and tweaking to optimize and increase performance and profit margins. A real estate blog is the perfect example.

The Real Estate Blog

If you don’t have a real estate blog, you are already at a serious disadvantage in the marketplace. While some real estate blogs take a little while to pick up steam, they are easily one of the highest ROI potential forms of marketing available. There are plenty of articles out there on the true ROI of blogging. It is often undervalued, but just look at the Best Transaction Funding blogs. Most would consider the design much more like Craigslist than Apple. Yet, the simple weekly blog appears to average around 800 to 1,600 visitors per weekly post. Now, even if that transactional funding lender invested $100 to publish each post, they are only paying 12.5 cents per visitor on the high end. And maybe around 6 cents on the low end. What other type of marketing are you doing that is turning in leads for 6 cents a pop? Some individual blog posts can draw 100,000 visitors or more over time. Do the math on that ROI.

Note that if you prefer audio and video, you can work that into your blog. Be sure to include transcriptions for SEO purposes.

How a Blog Maximizes All of Your Other Marketing

Even for real estate pros and business owners that aren’t really turned on by blogging, it’s hard to ignore the compounding benefits.

First off, look at the value of creating content that can have multiple purposes and uses. A single blog post can be sliced and diced to create emails, social media posts, chapters in an ebook, and a lot more. Starting with the blog eliminates a lot of work and cost, while delivering the blog as a marketing tool too. Alone, blogs can double the marketing and ROI potential of a budget.

A good blog makes an excellent landing page for all other types of marketing: direct mail, Google ads, Facebook posts, Tweets, and even voice mails. The blog acts as a net, catching any leads that didn’t close on first contact. It provides a secondary soft close, increases conversion rates, improves retention and referrals, overcomes objections naturally, and boosts positioning to maximize the value of each client and contact.

Blogging Works Best When

  1. The visual design is good
  2. It is well integrated with other online assets
  3. Content is unique
  4. Publishing is consistent
  5. Keywords are included
  6. It encourages links and citations
  7. It is interesting


A real estate blog is still one of the best ways to compound lead conversions and boost marketing ROI. Ignore the importance of this at your own peril. If you have a blog that hasn’t been performing well, try upping your game with the seven previously mentioned bullet points.

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